Are profits escaping from your bottom line through your supply chain? For most companies, the answer is a resounding YES! Our cutting-edge platform monitors each aspect of your supply chain to maximize all savings opportunities whether you ship freight, parcel, or both. With FreightOptics’ technology on your side, profits stay right where they belong. FreightOptics is the industry’s leading software for comprehensive logistics and supply chain solutions in all modes. Find out how we can improve your bottom line.

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Why Choose Us?

FreightOptics is a technology that can positively, and profitably, transform your business. Our cloud-based system utilizes the most advanced data analytics currently available in the industry.

FreightOptics is:


Our premier technology is the most innovative logistics platform available in the industry today.

Simple, yet Powerful

FreightOptics' one-login access means you can easily streamline all of your shipping data from all modes into one comprehensive space.


Access your dashboard on the go. FreightOptics is available wherever there’s an internet connection.


FreightOptics creates total visibility over your supply chain operations. It’s easier than ever to identify and improve upon areas of inefficiency.

Fully Customizable

With over 50 widgets and extremely precise drill down capabilities, FreightOptics can deliver over 70 ad hoc reports and can be customized to show only what you want - and need - to know.


From carrier tracking, to your unique contract rates, to daily data from your system, you can be confident that the information you have at your fingertips is accurate, complete and up-to-date.


FreightOptics has the ability to uncover hidden savings that most audit software simply cannot.


Due to the overwhelming success of FreightOptics’ audit and optimization platform, our parcel carrier actually tried to sway us to one of their less effective competitors.

C.C.Vice President of Plant Operations, Cruise Line Vendor

We thought our current small parcel auditor was doing a great job until we provided FreightOptics with our shipping data. They have more than tripled our refunds! Needless to say, we are now a loyal and happy customer of the FreightOptics team.

F.J.VP of Global Logistics, Office Supply Company

Our General Ledger Coding procedures left a lot to be desired; we spent a lot of time manually allocating our shipping costs only to produce a report with a multitude of errors. FreightOptics allowed us to automate this process with a remarkable level of accuracy.

L.G.Cost Controller, Healthcare Institution

Last year my Logistics team renegotiated our small parcel contract and I thought they did an outstanding job. However, this year we utilized FreightOptics automated Optimization service and saved an additional 23%!

G.T.CEO & Managing Director, Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturer

The rate calculator and TMS in FreightOptics has not only simplified our shipping process, it has saved us a LOT of time and money.

J.S.Director of Distribution & Logistics, Medical Supply Distributor

The abundance of data, graphs and reports that are available to me on FreightOptics is incredible. It has never been so easy for me to manage my business.

A.N.Principal Owner, Aircraft Parts Supplier