About Freightoptics

FreightOptics is the supply chain industry’s most advanced software system. Our cloud-based platform was conceptualized by a team of industry leaders in search of a comprehensive, profit-driven software solution that enhances supply chain visibility. FreightOptics streamlines all of your shipping data into one all-inclusive dashboard that can be customized to fit your individual needs. Through our platform’s convenient, one-login entry, FreightOptics provides complete access to your actionable data with cutting-edge drill down capabilities.


Brad McBride is the founder of FreightOptics. After many years of experience in high-level sales and operations roles in the logistics industry, he was determined to make an impact on traditional industry practices and provide considerable savings for businesses. Brad launched FreightOptics as a cutting-edge, cloud-based platform for viewing, auditing and optimizing all modes of transportation. Brad is passionate about helping companies achieve supply chain savings and efficiencies and is respected within the industry for his commitment to results.

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