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Case Study

Client: Client is a leading manufacturer of health and beauty products that works to empower private business owners. They are a private company with revenue over $8.5 billion.

Problem to solve: The client’s longtime incumbent payment processor/auditor was unable to secure small parcel refunds. The client engaged a second auditor to validate the incumbent was performing adequately. The second auditor was also unable to secure any refunds after a 7 month trial period. The client ended the trial with the second auditor confident that they were being billed accurately and their account had $0 refund opportunity.

Results: The client gave FreightOptics the opportunity to implement our “audit the auditor” four step process. We successfully achieved more than $8,000 of small parcel refunds during our first month of implementation for the client. Needless to say, the client is extremely happy with our services and allowing us to audit their regional small parcel carriers too.