“Between calculated risk and reckless decision-making lies the dividing line between profit and loss.”

FreightOptics is the next generation of TMS technology. Our advanced system equips you with a unique balance of power, ease and flexibility, allowing you to efficiently manage and run your business.

Leveraging our cloud-based technology means you can access our TMS from wherever you are. You can easily and effectively obtain quotes from carriers, initiate and track shipments, and create labels/bills of lading.

FreightOptics is extremely user-friendly, and most clients are comfortable navigating the system after just one training session.

System Benefits

  • Optimize at point of shipment to the right mode, service level and carrier
  • Dispatch, print labels and track shipments from one system
  • Works across all carriers, with one-login access
  • Client-specific rates obtained via API connectivity with over 200 carriers
  • Easy to implement by simply using login credentials
  • The ultimate resource to completely enhance your optimized supply chain

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