“In business as in life, you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.”

There is no place for leaking profits to hide with FreightOptics as your resource. Uncover the blind spots with the industry’s leading technology on your side. Our service is automated – and accurate to the penny – with large-scale analysis and contract negotiation support and management.

Our results are unmatched in the industry and consistently provide savings of 10 – 30%.


Automate Your Analysis

We load in all components/incentives of carrier contracts to automatically rerate shipments and determine the actual impact on your shipping costs. Since it is automated in the system, we’re not limited by size. We can look at a large sample size and also account for seasonality, resulting in a precise analysis and more successful bid negotiation process.

View Savings Comparisons

With FreightOptics’ Optimization, our clients see serious savings. This summary showcases a comparison of what one of our clients was spending with their previous agreement versus what they are paying now with the new agreement we renegotiated on their behalf. Through our clear and transparent invoicing, we display the total savings percentage, shipments, and invoice date range. We also review this with you to ensure you understand the invoicing process and know what savings you are receiving.