Business Intelligence

“We must measure what can be measured, and make measurable what cannot be measured.”

Our Business Intelligence dashboards provide you with complete visibility over all aspects of your supply chain. With FreightOptics’ advanced technology, you’ll have smooth and successful control of your operations.

Our dashboards offer 50 customizable, exportable dashlets with incredibly precise drill-down capabilities. With our easy, one-login entry platform, you’ll have 24/7 access to your visibility dashboards from anywhere with an internet connection.


Maps, Charts, and More

Our Report Module offers 70 customizable reports that can be saved, scheduled and run ad hoc, directly to your inbox. Receive only the data you wish to see, sent on your terms and on your schedule.

Sample Features:

  • Heat Maps
  • Drill-downs to the county level
  • Drill-downs to the week and day
  • Pie Chart drill-downs
  • Edit Layout features
  • Dashlets, exportable for an executive presentation
  • Rate Calculator (Premium Feature)

Drill-Down to the County Level

Do you need to see your geographical volume spend across the U.S.? Our Heat Maps can drill-down as far as the county level, providing great insight into your customer base. You can utilize our Heat Map data across your entire organization by exporting the dashlets to be shared in presentations or via e-mail, or we can provide access to users in other departments directly.

Drill-Down Charts

Don’t get stuck at the 40,000-foot level when what you really need are the details. Our drill-down charts display monthly data that can be refined to both weekly and daily levels. FreightOptics allows you to drill-down to a truly precise level of insight. Nothing gets between you and the data you need!

Data Filtering

Gain valuable customer insight by setting conditions to view the data you need most. For example, do you want to know how you’re shipping by service? Do your customers demand 2-Day shipping, or do they choose 3-Day? Access to this knowledge enables you to make informed decisions that are specific to your needs.

Rate Calculator

Use the Rate Calculator tool to determine the optimal service based on cost and transit time, knowing it is fully-integrated with the rates in your agreements. You can view your rates and book rates as well. Your customer service team can also use this feature to help customers understand the costs of different services and delivery times.

On The Go

FreightOptics is also mobile-friendly, so we’re in your back pocket and ready whenever, and wherever, you are. Whether you are traveling or in a business meeting, you still have access to your data. Think of us as an ace up your sleeve!

Case Study

Client: An online, mail-order pharmacy that provides prescription and over-the-counter medicines to customers in all 50 states.

Problem to Solve: This client was paying above market rates for their large mail delivery program with their incumbent carrier. In offering their customers free shipping, the client was encountering higher prices and a considerable loss in revenue.

Results: To resolve the issue and lower our client’s shipping costs, we conducted a formal bid project with all mail service providers. Once completed, the result of the bid process was 28% savings for the client. Moreover, as their shipping expenses were in excess of $1 million, the savings achieved had a significant P&L impact.

Client: A leading designer, distributor and licensor of high quality men’s and women’s apparel, accessories and fragrances.

Problem to Solve: The company’s logistics team was spending too much time going to multiple carrier websites for rate comparisons. This time-consuming task was costing the company a significant amount of labor hours and the final cost difference was unclear without time to complete a full comparison.

Results: Our one-login access to all parcel carrier rates provided the client with an easy-to-use interface for comparing rates to choose the best option for each shipment. Access to this level of visibility resulted in less labor hours spent on the task and ensured that the lowest cost carrier was now being utilized every time. Our technology was also leveraged across the company, allowing the Customer Service department to access this information when dealing with customer-related issues. The client was then able to make the right choice for both the customer and the company with increased visibility of rates and delivery dates in a user-friendly, calendar view.