Freight and Parcel Audit Solutions

“Energy and persistence conquer all things.”

Let FreightOptics do the work and empower you with leverageable data for both freight and parcel.

Our technology analyzes the thousands of data points in each carrier invoice and checks the invoices for accuracy. From service failures, to incorrect or missing discounts, to erroneously billed fees, such as address corrections and residential surcharges, our system uncovers every inaccurate charge for reimbursement to your account.


FreightOptics automatically reviews the leading target areas for refunds on your company’s behalf. This includes:

See Real Results

Our Audit Proof of Concept is a great example of our transparency. We identify all potential target recoveries, and then apply our historical success rates, to provide an accurate assessment of the savings our team and technology can achieve for you. Additionally, our technology is intuitive enough to identify what your current provider has achieved, so that we can show a side-by-side comparison. If we aren’t more competitive, we’ll let you know.


FreightOptics performs a thorough and multifaceted forensic data audit.

You Can't Control What You Don't Measure & Monitor.


We track EVERY shipment.

Verify Results

We ensure that you are invoiced 100% correctly.


Audit against your rates, DIMs and applicable discounts.


You achieve complete visibility of each line item charge.

Apply GL Rules

Cost allocation can be performed per your General Ledger Rules.

Case Study

Client: A leading global provider of innovative clean energy and fuel cell solutions.

Problem to solve: The client’s carrier was making billing mistakes and service failures, and the company was unable to manually audit their considerable monthly shipments.

Results: By using our Audit and Business Intelligence services, we exposed that the client’s freight forwarder was handling their brokerage, instead of their small parcel carrier for their small parcel shipments. This was not the customer desired set up and it allowed the carrier to use a 24-hour “delay” for time-in-transit for the document turnover process. Through our work, we were able to consistently provide the client insight into this significant operational issue they thought had been previously resolved and additionally secure over 3% in recoveries. Our business intelligence offering, inclusive of our audit program, allowed the supply chain leader to reexamine the initiative and permanently solve the problem.